Runners Hydration Belt – Review of AirTech No Bounce Belt

Name:  AirTech No Bounce Belt
Where to Buy: Amazon
Price: $18.95
Overall Rank:  4.5 out of 5 Stars







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This is a review of a running belt that I have used for 6 months now.  This is the point that I started running again, so I needed something different other than the old fanny pack I had.  My kids made fun of it too..  this is when I really knew I needed a new one.  🙂    I have not been disappointed with this belt. Please read on for my straight forward review.

Who is this Runners Hydration Belt For?

This is advertised as a runners hydration belt, but this belt works for anyone that loves to be active outdoors and needs a way to carry their stuff.  Whether you are running, walking, hiking, biking, or taking a City Tour- this pack will work for you.   This belt is for adults-designed for both men and women.

This belt is also a great option if you need additional way to conveniently carry extra water and accessories on a longer hike.   If you are more serious about getting into shape, and still want some comfort during your workout then this belt is for you!

Why Use this AirTech Runners Hydration Belt?

If you’re like me, then you may have a difficult time getting through a rigorous workout w/out water.  Even after 20 minutes of physical exercise, I have to get hydrated.  Before I bought this belt, I was not working out as hard or running as long. I didn’t have water so I was uncomfortable and felt dehydrated.  At first I didn’t want to spend the extra money on this since I have day packs, but this is lighter and more convenient when I go for a run.  I also wear this this belt when I walk my dog.

What you may Love 

Less Bounce–  I have another old belt that I’ve used for years. Has one large pouch that could hold a small water bottle and my phone.  The bag bounces all over the place while I’m running.  This belt holds snug so it doesn’t bob up and down nearly as much.  Having less bounce matters to me because it’s very distracting.

Great Design– The 45 degree slanted angle of the water bottle holder keeps the water bottles in place and holds containers pretty firmly.  I can place a smaller water bottle in as well and it’s held in place by this stretchy material running across the top.  Overall, I like how the belt looks.  I bought the all black one so I’m perfectly fine with this color.  If you are run at night the reflective strip will help to get you noticed.

Quality Build-  All zippers are functional- doesn’t catch on the material and I can easily zip open and close. If needed, you can access your goo or water with one hand while you’re running.  The shape of the belt fits nicely around the hips and is not uncomfortable. The seams are well sewn and made with durable material. I know this belt will last me a long time.

What You May Not Love

Orientation of pocket– It Seems the direction of the water bottle holder was made for lefties.. The opening of the water bottle holder is opposite from where I would prefer.

Heavier than other belts- If you are long distance runner, chances are you will not like this belt.  It is definitely a heavier belt than some of the other running belts out there.  There are belts that are made to hold much smaller-teeny tiny water bottles.   AirTech advertises this belt to be great for endurance running, but I disagree.  There are lighter belts available for those longer runs.

The Looooong Belt-   Rather than a buckle type of design, this belt has Velcro.  The belt is intended to fit sizes from 20-47 inches.  Depending on your size, this could leave quite an excess. Their description says you could cut the belt to size if you wanted to. Perhaps I will- but this is something I was hoping I wouldn’t need to mess with.


  • Fits bottles diameter up to 3.2 inches (water bottle is not included)
  • Has two zippered pockets. One has an inner layer to separate your items.
  • Fits most Iphones up to 6.6 inches (My Iphone is a bit snug)
  • Compression Bungee band for extras- gloves, hat, etc
  • Material: Made with Nylon

Quality vs Price

Similar to what I say about other gear reviews, your health is priceless. The price of this runners hydration pack is minimal compared to the great benefits you get from being active outdoors.  There are more expensive hydration packs like Nathan or CamelBak– but AirTech actually has more reviews. For the money, you are getting a great deal!

My Final Opinion of the AirTech Runners Hydration Belt

I own this, I love it- and I use this pack every time I go for a run or walk my dog.  I take along my phone, keys, and water – and the bag doesn’t bounce, doesn’t slip down and stays snug around my waist.  At the point I start running 5 miles or more, I’ll probably get a lighter belt. But until then, this one works great!

Do you have a runners belt that you love?  Are you using AirTech? What do you think?  Would love to hear your thoughts- please leave a comment below.

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