How do I wash my shoes after Tough Mudder?

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Tough Mudder events can be rough on your shoes.  It is important to clean your shoes afterward to prevent any possible bacterial or fungal growth that may result from extended exposure to sweat and mud. This is especially important if you plan to use your shoes again. After a Tough Mudder event, it’s best to clean your shoes as soon as possible. Following these procedures will ensure that your shoes remain clean, safe, and bacteria-free.

If you are wondering, how do I wash my shoes after Tough Mudder, here are some tips to follow:

Remove the Mud

Remove any dirt or mud that has built up on the surface of your shoes. You can use an old tooth brush or some other soft brush to gently scrub the dirt and mud. Do not rub too hard, as this may damage the material. You can use a hose, bucket of water, or a wet cloth to rinse the mud and dirt. When finished, let the shoes air-dry. This allows the dirt and mud to come off more easily. You will also need to pull out and clean the shoelaces with soapy water.

Rinse with Water

Rinse off your shoes with warm water to remove any remaining dirt and mud. Rinsing off with a hose is a good way to go (so you don’t get mud in your bathroom or kitchen sink).  If not, an old bucket will do, and you can use a sponge to gently scrub the shoes. Make sure all mud and dirt are removed from the surface of your shoes before continuing to the next step.

Clean with Detergent

Fill a bucket or sink with warm water and add a few drops of mild detergent, such as baby shampoo or this Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner. Place the shoes in the water and use a soft brush to scrub away any dirt and mud from the surface. Be sure to pay close attention to seams, crevices, and other areas that tend to hold dirt. Rinse the shoes thoroughly with clean water and allow them to air dry.

Apply Shoe Protectant Spray

Once the shoes are completely dry, you can apply a protective spray to ensure your shoes stay durable for as long as possible. Many different shoe protectant sprays are available, so find one that works best. Spray your shoes with the protectant in an even and consistent pattern, making sure to cover every surface of the shoe. Let the protectant dry completely before wearing your shoes again.

Brush or Polish

To keep your shoes pristine, you can use a soft brush or shoe polish to get them looking new again. Use the brush to remove dirt and debris from the shoe’s surface. Then, to add a protective layer and keep your shoes looking new, apply a small amount of polish to the leather surface with a soft cloth. Once the polish has been applied, buff the shoes with a fresh, dry cloth or brush until you’ve achieved your desired finish.

Store Your Shoes Properly

Storing your shoes properly is essential for extending the life of your Tough Mudder shoes. After you have washed them, let them air dry completely before storing them away. You should also rotate your shoes so you don’t put too much wear and tear on one pair. This will ensure that your Tough Mudder shoes will last a long time!

When storing your shoes, be sure to keep them in a cool and dry location. It’s also important to ensure your shoes are not exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures, as this can damage the fabric and cause them to fade or crack.


Following these steps will help you keep your shoes clean and safe after a Tough Mudder event. Cleaning your shoes immediately can help prevent the growth of bacteria and other contaminants, ensuring the health and safety of your feet. You can enjoy many more Tough Mudder events with the right procedures in clean, fresh shoes.


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