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Benefits Hiking Lifestyle Mental Health Mind Motivation Mountain Biking

Building Mental Resilience Through Outdoor Challenges

Would you like to better cope and bounce back after major changes, setbacks or challenges in your life? Would you like to do this in ways that will benefit your …

Benefits Day Hiking Ideas Lifestyle Mind Motivation Outdoor Fitness Wellness

11 Reasons to Hike Now for Your Mental Well Being

As I sit here and write- my mind is on the trail!  I always want to be hiking because it is natures medicine, the most therapeutic activity I can think …

Mental Health Mind Motivation

The Power Of Positivity In Outdoor Pursuits

Staying fit in the outdoors gives you the opportunity to transform your thinking and literally rewire your brain. The power of your mind can greatly enhance your health, shape your …

Lifestyle Mind Motivation

Overcoming Mental Blocks In Outdoor Activities

Imagine this is you at the end of this rope, the summit towering boldly above. You’ve trained your body, wearing the right gear, but then unexpectantly, you get a mental …